Sometimes vacation means slowing down and taking in the world around. At Nordic Village Resort, the world around includes the White Mountain National Forest and the moose, deer, coyotes, foxes, birds, trout and even black bear that live there. For the locations of well-stocked ponds and rivers to the best places for moose sightings,

visit the White Mountain National Forest website

And please remember, these are wild animals and should be treated as such, even if they seem tame or passive. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact the Nordic Village staff.

Somewhere a black bear has just risen from sleep
and is staring down the mountain.
All night in the brisk and shallow restlessness of early spring
I think of her, her four black fists flicking the gravel,
her tongue like a red fire touching the grass, the cold water.
There is only one question: how to love this world.
I think of her rising like a black and leafy ledge
to sharpen her claws against the silence of the trees.
Whatever else my life is with its poems and its music and its cities,
It is also this dazzling darkness coming down the mountain,
Breathing and tasting; all day I think of her –
her white teeth, her wordlessness, her perfect love.

~ Mary Oliver ~