With an elevation of 6,228 feet, Mt. Washington is the highest peak in the northeastern United States. The Mt. Washington Auto Road or Cog Railway are two great ways to enjoy the spectacular views.

Mount Washington Auto Road


Considering the ever-changing weather conditions on New England’s highest peak, no two trips are the same. Bluebird skies and stunning vistas may greet you one day. The next day you could have the adventure of a lifetime in the 6,288-foot peak’s strong winds, remarkable fog and rapidly moving clouds. On any day, your adventure awaits.

Whether you drive yourself or take one of our guided tours, your trip on the Mt. Washington Auto Road will create a lifelong memory. Give your kids a head start on their summer assignment by treating them to a tour to the summit of a true American icon—Mt. Washington.

With our three Sunrise Drives in 2008, you have the opportunity to watch the sun come up over the Atlantic Ocean. We also offer private, sunset tours that allow your car club or group to tour Mt. Washington after hours.

If you’re looking to go even further on the Mt. Washington Auto Road, return in winter and climb aboard the one-of-a-kind SnowCoach. Your family will be transported deep into the magical world above treeline for an unforgettable experience.

You’ve seen the bumper stickers. Now, discover what all the fuss is about.

As you plan your trip, remember, temperatures can drop rapidly and weather conditions can change quickly on the mountain, so be sure to bring a jacket or sweater along for the trip. All dates and times are subject to change based on weather and road conditions.

Please visit http://www.mountwashingtonautoroad.com for complete information on dates and hours of operation, fee schedule, calendar of events and other information.

Vehicle Limits

Safety considerations dictate that some vehicles cannot be permitted on the Auto Road:

  • Acura, Honda, Jaguar, Saturn and Sterling autos with automatic transmissions must show a “1” or “L” or “S” on the shifter to be allowed on the Auto Road.
  • Maximum wheelbase on any vehicle: 161 inches (This excludes most club cab pickups and limousines).
  • Maximum width on any vehicle: 80 inches including mirrors.
  • No Hummers, except H-3.
  • No trailers, RV’s, campers or oversized vans converted to RV’s.
  • No mopeds or scooters.
  • No dual wheeled vehicles.
  • No pickups with permanent additions that extend wider than the cab (campers, rack bodies, or very wide mirrors).
  • Some former police cars and taxis have the 1st gear locked out and cannot be allowed on the road.
  • No Lincoln Continentals 1969 or earlier.
  • No bicycles.


Weight Limits:

These are approximate numbers used as guidelines. Weights (in pounds) include passengers and luggage:

  • Full size car or wagon: 900
  • Mid sized car & compact cars: 800
  • Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager prior to 1996: 600
  • Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager 1996 and newer: 900
  • All other mini-vans: 850
  • 3/4 or 1/2 ton van, pickup or SUV: 900
  • One-ton van or pickup: 1050


The Mount Washington Cog Railway


Looking for an unforgettable experience? Ride up Mount Washington on the world’s first mountain-climbing cog railway! For well over a century, it has been an exciting experience.

2009 Excursion Schedule

The round trip cog ride takes approximately 3 hours, including a 20-minute stop at the summit. We recommend that you bring a camera and extra jacket or sweater. Remember, trains are fired by coal — so dress accordingly.


Visit http://www.thecog.com/index.php for complete information on ticket prices and dates of operation.

Mt. Washington Cog Railway Hotel – Mt Washington Auto Road Lodging – Mt Washington Cog Railway Lodging – Mt. Washington Auto Road Hotel

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